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Binding Machines devised, designed and made in India by Pramod Engineering: Perfect Binding Machine, Saddle Stitcher, Book Binding Machine, Magazine Binding Machine, Three-Knife Trimmer Paper-drilling-machine. Pramod Engineering has emerged as a leading post-press (binding machinery) manufacturer in India. It manufactures flowline with auto-feeder and stitcher and in-line Trimmer, Side Section Gathering Machines, Three-Knife Trimmer four-hole Paper Drilling Machines. There are already over 200 installations in India and abroad.

It has gained the trust of its clients world over and the latest addition is in the Middle East. The company became the preferred choice for a number of customers in the UAE. Recently a Three-Knife Trimmer has been installed in the UAE. And prior installations, in the same region include two gathering machines of 18-stations each with a double-head wire stitcher; one 10-station in-line Three-Knife Trimmer and one Paper Drilling machine having four drills for stationery jobs.

Just recent installation of Stitch Star Signature Gatherer with six heads, in-line Three-Knife Trimmer and 2 auto-form feeders were installed at Sakshi Newspapers, Vijaywada in the month of January 2011. Mr. PVK Prasad, Director-Operations, Sakshi Newspapers had a prefered choice for Pramod Engineering machines because of cost-effectiveness, speed and most professional after-sales-service. Sakshi Newspapers output is 15 lac copies of Sunday Supplement per week-so the need of the hour was to go for high speed binding machines which can meet production deadlines. Pramod Engineering machines have not only proved cost-effective but even economical on production-time and thus profit-oriented – Mr. Prasad of Sakshi Newspapers claims that they have saved considerable amount in bindery operations after they got Pramod Engineering machines installed.This was followed by Anand Bazar Patrika, Kolcata by two units of Flowline with in-line 3-Kinife Trimer and one unit of Glory Side-Gathering with twelve station.

We have installed two Stitch-Star Flowline machines consisting of a six-head stitchers, two auto-feeders, ejector and an in-line Three-Knife Trimmer to produce weekly magazine supplements at Punjab Kesari, Jullandhar. Punjab Kesari is a well-known daily newspaper publishing house in North India, which publishes newspapers in Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu with a circulation of approx 14,00,000. Their pressroom is equipped with two heatset presses and several multi-colour presses for printing newspaper, multicolour supplements and magazine sections. Two more machines were installed just recently.

Pramod Engineering has also exported one Stitch-Star machine to Jagdamba Press in Kathmandu, Nepal including one 6-head stitcher with an in-line Three-Knife Trimmer & one unit of flowline with in-line 3-Knife Trimmer along with two auto feeders to M/s AAPCA, Mauritius

In India, S.Chand & Co, New Delhi; Shakti Press Ltd, Nagpur; Dinamalar, Chennai; Bhargava Bhushan Press, Varanasi; Dainik Bhasker, Noida; Gopsons, Noida; Gita Press, Gorakhpur; Gupta Publications, Indore; IPP, Noida; NAP, Kolkata; The Offset Printers, Patna; Sakshi Newspapers, Vijaywada; Yugbodh digital Offset, Raipur; and many more have equally impressive installations from Pramod engineering.

Two 18-station gathering two 9-station and 12-station Flowlines with auto-feeders and in-line Trimmer have been recently supplied to Yugbodh Offsets at Raipur, Chhattisgarh. We have installed our post-press machines at Gopsons, Replika and Book Syndicate at Delhi.

Recently, one new installation of the stitch star stitcher with a three-knife trimmer has been installed at Sapna Printing Press, Kolkata and a second Flowline with auto feeder and in-line Trimmer for notebook manufacturing has been installed at Pioneer Paper Products, Kolkata. Two Flowlines are being exported to Colombo shortly, with many more machines planned for Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. Pramod Engineering has accomplished more than 25 installations in neighboring and overseas countries.